“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28)

Monastery from a visitor´s perspective


“It was by the God´s will that I discovered the way to the Monastery in Horné Orešany...the will that literally saved my life... I was exhausted and overwhelmed - the time pressure, ever-present stress and requirements... My values vs today´s way of living have resulted to many questions I wasn´t able to answer... The Monastery is the true place of life-giving words and answers! Every time I come to this wonderful place, I find peace and joy! I have the courage to go to the world and to share the God´s message – the patient and kind love to the others! Thank you so much for everything!”


“At one moment in my life I had to realise there is no life without unexpected changes, problems, joy and troubles. So my life's goal became to look for the right peace, regardless of the situation I find myself in. The one who has promised this type of peace to everyone is Jesus. I ofen miss this peace and I feel fear and anxiety also because I don´t live the real relationship with the one who can give that peace to me. I visited the Nouns in Oresany to deepen / start building my relationship with Jesus. The sisters invited me to the catechesis they organized. To be honest, the lectures are amazing, I eat it and they gently help me to compose the mosaic of sense of my life.”


“When I heard about the Monastery in Orešany 1st time, I didn't want to go there. But I changed my mind when I heard stories and experiences of my friends. "Time at abbey" was very special. I had a big fight in my heart and I didn't understand it. It is such a peaceful place. Lectures are very interesting and awesome. I would love people to have same opportunity to hear these topics at church. Let priests preaches about them... Thanks to God for these nuns :) Nuns are awesome, very kind, they love to laugh and they are (or some of them) very good cook. I love to know them the other way as "this world" think about them - as a sanctified in a skirt, who just pray on knees.”


“These times are still more and more marked by the indifference to God´s existence, to the Word of God, and to all religion as such. Therefore, I am grateful to God that I have the grace to take part in the spiritual sessions in the Monastery of the Most Holy Mother of God in Horne Orešany where I can fully and actively perceive God´s presence, infinite love, and re-discovering God's message of salvation!”


“The presentation regarding the “Art of Distinction” I took part in the Monastery in Horne Oresany was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment of my life! I was surprised by the depth of the analysis of the short part selected from the Bible (Gn 1, 1-5), which we explained in a wonderful way - sentence by sentence... Despite the fact that the Book of Genesis belongs to my favourite ones, I´ve never realized the messages so important for my life hidden in these sentences! Very useful were also the self-assessment exercises. Thanks for this incredible experience!”